The Babouche Collection: Heels For All 

The Babouche Collection: Heels For All 

Comfort and ease may have defined Covid-era fashion; but it is now time to embrace a return to glamour, or something closer to it. “There’s going to be this in-between period when we’re not going to big parties, but we’re maybe going out to dinner and meeting in small groups…we’re not wearing sweatpants but we’re also not in full sequins,” says Kiki Price co-founder Lucy Price. “The Babouche collection really corresponds to that moment.”

If our signature Kiki Price shoe is about re-inventing the heel, the new Babouche shoe is about offering a versatile, fashionable alternative to flats that works for virtually every occasion, from running errands to an intimate dinner party. Intended to wear equally well with casual jeans as with flowy dresses, this collection is at once functional and attractive. 

“It has a refined silhouette that can look dressy, if you want to wear it in a dressy way,” says Price. “I think it will satisfy a lot of people who are wary of the discomfort of heels, but want to be in something other than a Birkenstock.”

Inspired by a request from a friend of Price’s, a New Yorker who worked as an executive at L’Oréal for many years, the indoor- and outdoor-friendly collection strives to bridge the gap between traditional ‘comfort’ footwear like slippers and slides, and the dressier-but-uncomfortable heels that were mostly abandoned over the past two years. 

Featuring a lower, curved heel, collapsible back and the brand’s supportive biomechanical insoles, the Babouche heel is made with a last that is custom-designed for both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Its innovative design maintains the support and stability of a shorter heel while offering a delicate and feminine alternative to house flats and orthopedic footwear; the elegant silhouette and shape is intended to complement, and not compete, with your personal style. “These are shoes designed to look beautiful today, and in 20 years from now,” says Price.   

The Babouche collection includes four unique materials, including satin, pony skin and napa leather

Click HERE to peruse the collection, and order a pair today. 


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