The Perfect Pair Starts with the Perfect Pair

What if there were high heels so comfortable, versatile and well-made that you never had to buy another pair ever again? That was the spark behind Kiki Price. Founders Kim (Kiki) Baltzell and Lucy Price know first hand that the search for high heels, both comfortable and sexy, can feel as elusive and futile as the quest for the Holy Grail. So instead of searching endlessly for something that doesn’t exist they decided to create it on their own; a pair of shoes that are as easy on the foot as they are sleek and elevated. Over the course of 18 months, Lucy brought her decades of creative expertise as an interior designer and hotelier and Kim applied her pragmatism as a nurse and scientist to create the perfect pair of red carpet-worthy heels that can be worn for hours on end. Alongside foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Richard M. Jay, they were able to develop a molded anatomical last and insole that distributes the weight of the body evenly around the foot. The result is a shoe that’s not only better for the foot but better for the back, posture and entire body. Kiki Price shoes are the sweatpants of high heels; luxurious shoes that allow the foot to breathe a sigh of relief instead of wincing in pain.
A great pair of shoes can boost your mood, and a good attitude can help you accomplish more in a day and even a lifetime. As professional women, Kim and Lucy know that an uncomfortable pair of shoes can be distracting, so they created a solution in the form of shoes you’ll actually look forward to wearing. All Kiki Price shoes are handcrafted in Italy and imbued with true comfort and wearability that comes from master craftsmanship. Whether you’re wearing them to a work meeting, a wedding party, or just to sip your second glass of wine at home, Kiki Price shoes will help you go the distance. Finally, a pair of shoes as grounded and fabulous as you.